1 thought on “Clue #15 – Conventional Thinking

  1. The Renulator

    “Enter the Field like a warrior.”
    “Forget all else, Junah, but remember this: You are never alone. You have your caddie. You have me. More devoted than a mother, more faithful than a lover, I stand by your side always. I will never abandon you. No sin, no lapse, no crime however heinous can make me desert you, nor yield up to you any less than my ultimate fidelity and love. Who walks his path beside me Feels my hand upon him always. No effort he makes is wasted, Nor unseen, unguided by me. Therefore, Junah, rest in me. Enter the Field like a warrior. Purged of ego, firm in discipline, seeking no reward save the stroke itself. Give the shot to me. I am your Self, the Ground of your being, your Authentic Swing.”
    ― Steven Pressfield, The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life


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